Rippleseed specialises in supporting, NGOs, charities and businesses to build effective partnerships to deliver their development programmes.

Surinder Hundal set up Rippleseed in 2008 to follow her passion for innovation in responsible business management and her desire to help ‘bridge the collaboration divide’ between business and civil society organisations around social and economic development.

An accredited partnership broker, Surinder combines her substantive international business management and partnering expertise with coaching and mentoring skills to support NGOs, charities, social entrepreneurs and companies to develop programmes, partnerships and collaborative skills they can be proud of.

Whatever your partnering goal, Surinder provides support which is tailored to your needs. She uses a participative way of working, encouraging you to co-develop strategies, processes and plans for your particular partnership. She believes this is the best way of building the knowledge and insights you may need to achieve the outcomes you seek.

What’s in a name?

February 5, 2008 - No Comments

I often get asked about the origins of the word ‘Rippleseed’. It is a made up word, of course. It captures the essence of what I do and what I believe actually happens in organisations.

Mergers and partnerships are critical for survival in the charity sector

August 20, 2015 - No Comments

With growing competition for attention and funding and demands for better governance and financial management, charities and NGOs should consider partnerships with others in their own sector.
Sadly, the recent Kids Company debacle has yet

Taking cross-sector collaboration beyond the sound bite

February 5, 2015 - No Comments

We need more collaboration between business and the civic society is a popular sound bite at high profile global gatherings. The 2015 World Economic Forum was no exception.
It is commendable that cross-sector collaboration

Business partnerships with women for social and economic change

December 5, 2014 - No Comments

How can business help turn millions of poorest women into profit generators for themselves, their community and business? By partnering with them, enabling access to education, technology, finance. By helping remove discriminatory social barriers.

Refocusing corporate partnerships to build assets

August 11, 2014 - No Comments

At Rippleseed, I take an assets driven approach to developing strategic corporate-community partnerships¹ .
If companies are to create long term, sustainable businesses, then the communities in which they work and live need to be

Practicalities of responsible marketing – make it everyone’s business in the company

November 27, 2013 - No Comments

If you want to make real strides in responsible marketing, then take marketing beyond the marketers and brand managers to everyone in the company.

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