As an accredited partnership broker, I adhere to Partnership Brokering Good Practice Principles developed by the Partnership Brokering Association (, the world’s only international professional entity set up to promote good partnership brokering practice and standards. These reflect my own values around collaborative working, learning and  innovation:

Partnership Brokering Good Practice Principles

  1. Keep in touch with new developments in the theory and practice of brokering partnerships for sustainable development.
  2. Apply the most appropriate tools at each stage of the partnering process and innovate where necessary.
  3. Take every opportunity to build partnering capacity in others.
  4. Refrain from promoting a partnering process when aware of a realistic alternative that would deliver better sustainable development outcomes.
  5. Avoid taking actions as part of a brokering process that might involve risk without prior endorsement of these actions from all parties likely to be impacted.
  6. Demonstrate a responsible attitude by raising concerns of an ethical or legal nature with partners, donors or the Association when necessary.
  7. Know one’s own competence limitations and the circumstances in which it is appropriate to request assistance from, or hand over brokering responsibility to, others.

Source: PBA (www.

I use a participative way of working, encouraging us to work together from day one.  You get a straightforward approach that I tailor to the requirements of your goals. Some attributes of that process:

  • It is driven by your partnership or business imperative. I will spend time to listen and understand your issues and environment, your aspirations and expectations of partnerships and help frame your needs accordingly;
  • It takes an appreciative approach. I will work with you to understand what has made your project/programme, organisation, and team successful to date and what opportunities and challenges you now face . That will drive what new thinking, new ideas, new ways of doing things might be appropriate to help improve and build on your success.
  • It makes use of the good stuff that already exists and works well in your organisation. It is also sensitive to its way of working, its values and its culture. I believe in helping you create home-grown solutions, not grafting on to your organisation the latest fad or theory.
  • It drives each programme or project with a commonsensical process that covers research and analysis, planning, delivery, evaluation and assimilation.  I will involve you and your team the whole way from strategy to execution so that you remain in control of decisions being taken and own the outcomes.
  • It uses a variety of frameworks and tools, including those that I have developed from scratch or modified to support my partnership services, coaching and mentoring and innovation work.
  • It draws from contemporary trends and good practices from diverse sources, including where appropriate from academic thinking and research, communications, marketing,  the visual and dramatic arts, and behavioural sciences.