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Treating business and its leaders as one homogeneous species can be bad for CSR

July 12, 2012 12 Comments

It is easy to slip into generalities and use the terms “business” and “business leaders” when condemning any lax corporate behaviour. And thus imply it is the case for all business and all leaders. This

Cross-sector partnerships need good brokers

July 2, 2012 12 Comments

Evidence shows that single- sector solutions to global challenges do not work because no one sector (whether public, private or civil society) is ever able to supply the necessary combination of information, innovation, reach and

Stories are a useful asset

June 2, 2012 12 Comments

Every partnership is a living story. It has something to say about its heritage, culture, its successes, even its failures. Its people and its beneficiaries generate stories every day.  And yet these stories are often not

What’s in a name?

February 5, 2008 12 Comments

I often get asked about the origins of the word ‘Rippleseed’. It is a made up word, of course. It captures the essence of what I do and what I believe actually happens in organisations.