Partnership Services

In a nutshell, as an independent partnership facilitator/broker, my job is to support your partnering process by helping to initiate, develop, maintain, review, revise and support your multi-stakeholder collaboration through insights and experience of what it takes to collaborate effectively.

Over the years, I have become familiar with and responded to a variety of needs. As a NGO or a charity you may be at any of these stages in your partnering work:

  • You are relatively new to corporate partnerships, with little or no experience of working with the corporate sector and want to know how to best engage businesses with your programme.
  • You want to improve the quality and outcomes of your existing private sector partnership.
  • You want a fresh perspective on your corporate partnership strategy.
  • You are ready to broaden the scope, scale and reach of your programmes and want to engage new business sectors or reach other markets.

As a business, you may have a number of requirements:

  • You want to review your current strategy and approach to community partnerships.
  • You want to align your partnerships more closely with your core business activities, including setting up innovative ‘inclusive business’ initiatives
  • You may be grappling with issues around optimizing the return on your social and community investment and outcomes delivered through partnerships.
  • You could be building a new partnership and would like some support in identifying and scoping potential partners and managing the subsequent partnering process.
  • You could be looking to support your intrapreneurs to develop and deliver their ideas and initiatives through partnerships.


I can support all these needs, drawing on the work I have done to:

  • Facilitate workshops to develop partnership strategy, design and development around specific partnership programmes
  • Undertake independent partnership evaluation
  • Facilitate development of stakeholder engagement and relationship management  strategies and plans
  • Build  internal partnering capacity and facilitate internal partnerships for change;
  • Facilitate the design of partnership communications processes, strategies and plans;
  • Write case studies highlighting the insights and experiential learning from partnering projects and partnerships
  • Troubleshooting on specific process or policy issues that that the partners may be facing in their partnerships


There are several examples of work I can share with you. I enjoy listening – so feel free to contact  me to share your thoughts and ideas on the challenges and opportunities you see in your partnering or brokering work.

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