Coaching and mentoring

Partnership Coaching

In my long professional career, coaching and mentoring has been an important – and rewarding – part of my work as a team leader / manager in building and developing high-performing, well-knitted teams. I now mentor and coach a wide range of people – from partnership practitioners looking to hone their skills to social entrepreneurs looking to take their ideas to the marketplace.

In my partnership coaching and mentoring work, I focus on activities which encourage the transfer of knowledge, insights and skills to individuals or small partnering teams.

I can be an experienced sparring partner and a sounding board to help you explore new ideas or different strategies and tactics.

If you’re grappling with complex issues, it may be helpful to have someone who has been through similar issues alongside you. We can discuss and explore different ways of responding to those issues and view examples that can help you understand and cast new light on your challenges.

The mentoring approach is customised for your need, offered either as an integral part of the partnering process or as a stand-alone activity. We work together to develop the approach , beginning with an assessment of the current situation and your expectations, before developing some mentoring goals and a learning agreement to set out the type and frequency of contact expected throughout the mentoring period.

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