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CSR Innovation

I have been immersed in responsible business management issues and practices in one form or another since 1982, building substantive insights and practical knowledge of how it works and where innovation can occur. I draw from my hands-on experience of managing and working with global brands and businesses to support innovation in corporate social responsibility (CSR).


The body of work I have delivered includes:

  • Developing CSR policies and strategies;
  • Instigating and supporting internal partnerships and processes to support ownership and management of CSR /sustainability across the organisation;
  • Taking the lead on developing frameworks for integrating and aligning corporate responsibility and brands;
  • Reviewing and evaluating impact of CSR strategies and plans
  • Designing and delivering plans for employee engagement with CSR;
  • Coordinating initiatives to align strategies of CSR and key operations – supply chain management, manufacturing, product design and development, marketing, employee welfare and human resources practice, governance, IPR and financial management;
  • Instigating and facilitating partnerships to support innovation in product development and co-creation.

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